Greenock Morton Supporters' Trust

£54,278 in donations to GMFC

Fundraising & Events

Successful fundraising has been vital to the success of GMST over the past decade. As well as the annual membership subscription, which aids the month to month running of the Trust, and the successful loan note scheme, which has facilated the purchase of 183,461 shares in GMFC at a cost of £119,036, various fundraising events have been held, with the majority of moneys raised being used to support GMFC in the area of youth development.

The recurring and hugely popular fans’ games – allowing supporters to sample the matchday experience – and celebratory dinners such as that in honour of the ‘Stars of ’79′ have been open to members and non-members alike, and the generosity of the Morton community in supporting these events has allowed the Trust to donate around £50,000 to the club since its inception.

There has also been a great deal of support given to the Youth Academy
through voluntary work and donations from equipment to money.

The Trust also organise the Morton Hall of Fame with the initial inductions to this taking place at a dinner in 2014. Details on inductees can be found on the club’s site.