Greenock Morton Supporters' Trust

£54,278 in donations to GMFC


The Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust was formed in 2002, amid the darkest era of Morton’s proud history: the lows of the Hugh Scott era, the degradation of Cappielow, the slide to the Third Division and administration. Where those lows saw fans watch helplessly from the sidelines, the Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust sought to ensure that fans would have a more active role to play in the running of their club, and of the mechanisms of accountability within it.

In that time, GMST:

  • Has been represented on the board of Greenock Morton, and – whilst currently that is no longer the case – there remain strong and healthy lines of communication between the board of Greenock Morton Football Club and the Supporters’ Trust.
  • It has become the second largest shareholder in the club, purchasing 183,461 shares in Greenock Morton Football Club, at a total cost of £119,036. Of this amount, £100,248 was invested directly in the club through the purchase of new shares, whilst £18,788 was used to purchase shares from existing shareholders.
  • Engaged in a number of fundraising activities, including the successful fans’ game events, allowing it to donate £30,860 in Morton Youth Development.

Since 2002, Morton’s fortunes on the pitch have steadily improved, and Cappielow has been restored to a home to be proud of. However, Scottish football remains in a perilous financial state and much remains to be done to secure the long term viability of our club and of the national sport in general.

For just £10 per year you can join the Trust and help to shape the way in which it operates, raises funds, and uses its shareholding for the betterment of the club.

Your first £1 will buy you a share in the Trust. That share will entitle you to attend and vote at general meetings, as well as to stand for election to the Trust board. In addition, look out for further membership benefits through our website and newsletters in the coming months.